Finding the Best Online Blackjack Table

I’ve been playing blackjack for years now and the best thing that ever happened to this game is the online version being made widely available. You will surely love the fact that you can play blackjack just like when you play at casinos — with real cash and using your usual strategies — without leaving the comfort of your house. You can play online blackjack after dinner or during lunch breaks at the office, and the level of excitements you can enjoy is just as high as playing at real brick and mortar casinos.

Before you can play online blackjack, make sure you create an online casino account with a reliable casino. Finding the best online casino to play blackjack on can be done almost instantly with the help of online casino reviews and ratings. Read testimonials and reviews before making your decision to create an account. Make sure you check if the casino has good track records and maintain a list of happy customers.

Check out casino bonuses and specialized bonuses for blackjack players before signing up for an account. Some casinos actually provide bonuses of up to £5,000 per year, even more, so bonuses should be the second thing you consider when choosing an online casino. Bonuses enable you to play your favorite game without risking any of your real money.

If the online casino you are interested at offers free trials or demo accounts, use the offer. Try the gaming platform used to make sure you can play online blackjack without hassle. The graphics need to be smooth and fluent, while the platform needs to be stable and reliable enough to accommodate you whenever you play blackjack online. After finding the best online casino, you will be enjoying the endless possibilities of online blackjack playing in no time at all.

Online Blackjack Bonus Hunting

When it comes to playing blackjack online, the two things I love the most are the luxury or being able to play blackjack for real cash prizes anytime I want to and the fact that I can enjoy online casino bonuses to play more blackjack for free. In fact, online casino bonuses and specialized blackjack bonuses can add a lot of excitements to your overall online gambling experiences.

The reason why online casinos are providing special bonuses for users playing blackjack is because the game is that popular. With online blackjack becoming more widely available, more people are channeling their love for the game and playing blackjack on a regular basis. The market is very potential, yet there are a lot of online casinos out there fighting for market shares and users on a regular basis.

If you want to play blackjack online, for real cash prize, without spending too much money, blackjack bonuses — and online casino bonuses — are perfect for you. You should set course to blackjack bonus hunting instead, because all online casinos available have bonuses available for every account owners yet not all of them provide bonuses for blackjack players specifically.

Although googling “blackjack bonus” may help you find several decent sites, the best way to go is to find sites providing online blackjack reviews. You will not only get reviews of the game presentations and payout percentages, you can easily find information about available bonuses.

Don’t forget to join online communities of blackjack players to get additional information about bonuses and promotional offers being made available. Some quality online blackjack forums even receive special deals only available for that particular forum’s members. Get the right promotion code and you will be enjoying tons of free offers and added bonuses, just like casino comps, playing blackjack online.

Blackjack Tournaments

If you think poker tournaments are exciting, wait till you see blackjack tournaments. I play both blackjack and poker because the games offer different kinds of excitements. I never thought about blackjack tournaments before because the game is actually played against the house and I can’t really picture excitements should blackjack tournament exist. I was surprised to know that blackjack tournaments do exist and the tournaments are actually very challenging.

The reason why blackjack tournaments are less popular than other casino-based tournaments, especially poker, is because the lack of media coverage. You still play against the dealer, but you are given sets of rules. These tournament rules are making the tournament superbly exciting for both participants and spectators.

Players are given certain amount of gambling capital when they buy in. Depending on the tournament, players may have certain number of hands to play or a time limit. With limited hands, players can only play the given amount of hands before the player is ranked. With limited time, players are given an exact time limit — usually two hours, although different tournaments may have different time limits set — and they will be ranked at the end of the time limit.

Other than the tournament rules, the game is pretty much the same. Your goal is to collect as much winnings as possible within the given limitations. The tournament can also limit maximum and minimum bets to make sure the games and tables are all exciting for players and spectators. With the help of modern technology, the players’ rankings can actually be seen in real-time. The scene as the rounds come to an end can be quite breathtaking; players are literally racing to stay in the tournament and advance to the next round and things could get pretty tense as well as thrilling.

Card Counting: Myth or Fact?

The issue of card counting in blackjack has been around for quite a while now, yet people are still asking the same question: is card counting really works? To tell you the truth, card counting is actually a proven method that you can learn and master to play better blackjack session. Yes, the strategy does work and there are people who have benefited from using the strategy before. However, there are issues surrounding this particular strategy as well.

The first and probably the biggest issue with card counting is the fact that it is actually very hard to do. You need to be a decent math genius to be able to count cards without losing focus at your hand at the same time. Not all of us — yes, I say ‘us’ — can master the technique and the process of learning the skill itself is indeed quite difficult to go through.

Another thing about card counting is its affectivity. The casinos are adding the number of decks used at blackjack tables, making counting cards that much harder to do. Even with a single deck card counting can be quite impossible for amateurs; multiple decks just make the technique even farther out of reach.

Last but not least, I personally found — out of years of playing blackjack on a regular basis — that the basic blackjack matrix is far easier to understand and can bring equally rewarding profits when used properly. Most beginners try to memorize the matrix and use it stiffly; you should really try to observe the table and adjust your decisions according to each situation you are dealing with. You will be able to make a lot of money playing blackjack without having to study complicated techniques such as card counting. As far as the “myth or fact” question goes, card counting is indeed a fact; a superbly working fact of you can master it.

Enjoying Casino Comps from Blackjack Tables

One of the most popular casino games is of course blackjack. We all know that you can get compliments and freebies from the casino management when we play casino games at their establishment. To be able to get these comps, one must be registered to the player’s club and present the player’s card before playing any game at the gambling floor. For machines such as Slots and Video Poker, player’s card can actually be swiped directly to allow the casino to track your plays. How about table games?

The one thing you should do before you play table games is let the pit boss know you are there and present your player’s card to him or her. Playing blackjack and getting comps can actually be a superb combination. The casino will give you comps whether you are winning or losing. Aspects tracked are limited to the amount of time and money you spent on the casino floor, not the amount you win or lose. With blackjack being very beatable and profitable at the same time, you can actually get amazing comps from your favorite casino while winning some handsome profits in the process.

On occasions, treating your dealer nicely can increase your chances of getting comps. You can use the blackjack matrix to help you play better and be more profitable in the process, and the comps you receive can be additional bonuses to an already exciting session. If you never play blackjack before and you happen to read this article, make sure you take your time and read other available articles about the game of blackjack on this site. Having the right knowledge can help you play the game better, cutting house advantage even further and allowing you to enjoy both substantial amount of profits from the table and comps given by the casino.

Blackjack Tips: Number of Decks

Blackjack tables may have different rules, but one of the most influential factors than can alter the house advantage of blackjack tables substantially is the number of decks used. The more decks used in one table, the higher house advantage that table has. This is because naturally more decks enable more hand combination. Instead of having four Aces, you have 8 Aces with two decks, 12 Aces with three, and even more with more decks used. It is not just about the Aces; other cards will also be doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled and so on with the use of more decks.

Knowing the number of decks used can help you determine the right strategy to play. If you are using the usual blackjack matrix principles for your plays, you can easily find different matrix for single and multiple decks. You can usually ask the dealer or pit boss supervising the area about the number of decks used; make sure you ask them discretely and politely while explain the reasons why you need to know. The information is not exactly corporate secrets, so you will get a straight answer most of the time.

Once you know the number of decks used, adjust your strategies accordingly. With single-deck tables, you can easily double down when getting hard total of 11; this is not the case with multi-deck table, since an Ace on the dealer’s open card can change your odds completely. Make sure you have the option of re-splitting pairs before you play; you don’t need to ask, simply look at the blackjack table to check. When you split pair of Aces and you get another pair of Aces, you can opt for a re-split instead of having to deal with a hand worth 22 or 12. The number of decks does change things at blackjack tables.